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Author: Ghura, A.S.

Arthakranti: Creating Blue Ocean

Publisher: Asian Case Research Journal, 2020

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Author: Ghura, A.S.

Unicepts Technologies: Need for growth strategy.

Publisher: Asian Journal of Management Cases., 2020

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Author: Ghura, A.S. and Abhishek

India First Life Insurance: planning next-level growth by corporate entrepreneurship.

Publisher: Vision - The Journal of Business Perspective, 2020

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Author: Ravi, C.

The 1971 Bangladesh War and policy lessons for climate refugee management in South Asia

Publisher: Politics & Policy, 2020

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Author: Misra, D. and Pinheiro, R

Engaging with local communities: Five key lessons that businesses can learn from universities

Publisher: Industry and Higher Education', 2020

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Author: Misra, D

Using inquiry?based learning in executive education programmes.

Publisher: Journal of Workplace Learning, 2020

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Author: Jadhav, D, and Shenoy, D.

Measuring the smartness of a library

Publisher: Library and Information Science Research, 2020

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Author: Chavan, G; Chaudhuri, R; Johnston, W; Garner, B.

Purchasing performance of engineering procurement and construction companies using a fuzzy quality-function-deployment approach

Publisher: Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 2020

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Author: Radda, I.A., Kumar, B.M., and Pathak, P.

Land degradation in Bihar: An assessment using rain-use efficiency and residual trend analysis

Publisher: Agricultural Research, 2021

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Author: Supriya Chouthoy, Sajith Narayanan, Roshan Kazi.

Can Corporate Social Responsibility Reputation Create Emotional Attachments - Examining Consumers? Emotional Responses to Organizations? Corporate Social Responsibility

Publisher: Journal of Critical Reviews, 2020

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Author: Enduri, M.K., Reddy, I.V., Jolad, S.

Evolution of physics sub-fields

Publisher: COMPLEXIS 2020 - Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Complexity, Future Information Systems and Risk2020, Pages 88-95, 2020

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Author: Shah, S. S. and Patki, S. M.

Getting traditionally rooted Indian leadership to embrace digital leadership: challenges and way forward with reference to LMX

Publisher: Leadership, Education, Personality: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 2020

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Author: Liu, R. C.

China’s “great overseas propaganda” under the belt and road initiative

Publisher: In: China?s Search for ?National Rejuvenation?: Domestic and Foreign Policies under Xi Jinping, 2020

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Author: Donnelly, S., Manning, M., Mannan, H., Wilson, A.G., Kroll, T.

Renegotiating dimensions of the self: A systematic review and qualitative evidence synthesis of the lived experience of self-managing rheumatoid arthritis

Publisher: Health Expectations, 2020

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Author: Kisana, R. and Shah, N.

No one understands what we go through?: self-identification of health risks by women sanitation workers in Pune, India during the COVID-19 pandemic

Publisher: Gender & Development, 2021

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Author: Sasi Kiran

Handbook of Ageing, Health and Public Policy

Publisher: Of Cold Baths, Tender Coconuts and Lethal Injections, 2021


Author: Samanta, T

Hymen interrupted: Negotiating body, markets, and consumerist modernity in India

Publisher: Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, 2021

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Journal | SCOPUS® | Q3

Author: Strenio, J. and Chowdhury, J.R.

Remote Work, Sexual Harassment, and Worker Well-Being: A Study of the United States and India

Publisher: In: Wheatley, D., Hardill, I., and Buglass, S. (Eds), Handbook of Research on Remote Work and Worker Well-Being in the Post-COVID-19 Era, 2021

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Author: Bhargava H., Sharma A., Valadi J.K.

Machine Learning for Bioinformatics. In: Suravajhala P.N. (eds) Your Passport to a Career in Bioinformatics.

Publisher: Springer, Singapore., 2021

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Author: Rakesh, V.T. and Menon, P.

Pricing Challenge in Servitization: Can Servitization Improve Ecological Sustenance?

Publisher: World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, 2021

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