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Author: Kalra, M., Panicker, D., Dixit, A., Jain, R., Thakur, B.

Transgressing International Boundaries: Ensuring Access to Sustainable and Affordable Energy for All

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Author: Agarwal, T., Suravajhala, R., Bhushan, M., Goswami, P., Iddamalgoda, L., Malik, B., Valadi, J, and Suravajhala, P.

Recent Advances in Gene and Genome Assembly: Challenges & Implications

Publisher: In: Singh V. (eds) Advances in Synthetic Biology. Springer, Singapore, 2020

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Author: Saif-Alyousfi, A.Y.H., Saha, A., Md-Rus, R., and Mohd. K. N. T.

Do oil and gas price shock have impact on bank performance

Publisher: Journal of Commodity Markets, 2020

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Author: Kalra, N. and Nene, M.

Ethics and Feminist Archiving in the Digital Age: An Interview with CS Lakshmi

Publisher: "Dodd, M and Kalra, N. (Eds) In: Exploring Digital Humanities in India Pedagogies, Practices, and Institutional Possibilities, Routledge India", 2020


Author: Siddiqui, S.

Faith Healing: Haunted Discourses of Distress in India

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Reflections on sea turtle conservation

Publisher: Oryx, 2020

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Author: Thakur, K.

Teaching Print Journalism

Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications, 2020


Author: Dyondi, R., Jha, S.K. and Haldar, A.

What constitutes risk for a theatrical film distributor? Evidence from the Hindi film industry

Publisher: International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 2020

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Author: Mankad, N., and Mal, H.

Cases In Management

Publisher: ET Cases, 2018


Author: Chaterjee, S.

The role of the firm in worker wage dispersion: an analysis of the Ghanaian manufacturing sector

Publisher: IZA Journal of Labor & Development, 2016

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Author: Giri, A.

Contribution to the field of drama

Publisher: Maharstra State Award, 2017

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Author: Shankar, A., and Bapat, D.

A review of caregiver distress in epilepsy in India: Current issues and future directions for research

Publisher: Epilepsy & Behaviour, 2021

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Author: Aheer, V., Varma, M., Mal, H.

Carbon footprints and identification of ways to reduce it for Pharma Industries in Maharashtra

Publisher: International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 2021

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Author: Damani, B and Uniyal, D.

Creating Centres of Economic Activity to De-Risk from Future Pandemics

Publisher: In: The New Normal: Challenges of Managing Business, Social and Ecological Systems in the Post COVID-19 Era, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021


Author: Divya Balan

Dharma in America: a short history of Hindu-Jain diaspora

Publisher: South Asian Diaspora, 2021

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Author: Wescott, H. N., MacLachlan, M., & Mannan, H.

Disability Inclusion and Global Development: A Preliminary Analysis of the United Nations Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities programme within the context of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Sustainable

Publisher: Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development, 2021

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Author: Phillott, A., Godfrey, M.H.

Distinguishing between fertile and infertile sea turtle eggs

Publisher: Marine Turtle Newsletter, 2021

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Author: Abdulazeez Y.H., Saif-Alyousfi, Saha, A.

Do tourism receipts affect bank profitability? Analytical evidence from 85 economies

Publisher: Research in International Business and Finance, 2021

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Author: Chowdhury, J.R., Parida, Y., and Goel, P.A.

Does inequality adjusted human development reduce the imoact of natural disasters? A genedered perspective

Publisher: World Development, 2021

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Author: Sarawathi, S.K, Bhosale, H., Ovhal, P., Rajan, N.P., and Valadi, J.

Random Forest and Autoencoder Data-Driven Models for Prediction of Dispersed-Phase Holdup and Drop Size in Rotating Disc Contactors

Publisher: Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2021

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