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Author: Rajankar, P. and Patki, S.M.

Eat Well : Smart Intervention Plan for Bulimia in the Indian Context

Publisher: Journal of Psychosocial Research 13 (2), 369-380, 2019

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Author: Mal, H., Varma, M., Sheikh, K. A.

Strategic Decision Of Ambee Automation: A Case Study

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Technology Research, 2019

Journal |  SCOPUS®

Author: Kudtarkar, S.K.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum and Leadership Education: The Case of FLAME University, India

Publisher: In: Nishimura M., Sasao T. (eds) Doing Liberal Arts Education. Education Innovation Series. ?Springer, Singapore, 2019

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Chapter |  Springer

Author: Thakur, K.

Newspaper English

Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications, 2019


Author: Shenoy, D., Mal, H., Desai, N.

Requirements modelling for design of materials handling system

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Technology Research, 2019

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Author: Kapur, S.

The intellectual roots of Sunni sectarianism in Pakistan: a reply to Fuchs

Publisher: Global Discourse: An interdisciplinary journal of current affairs, 2019

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Author: Dey, O., and Banerjee, S.

‘Incentive conscious’ agents and moral hazard

Publisher: Indian Economic Review, 2019

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Journal |  UGC - CARE

Author: Potdar, A.

Anandbhog Mall and Pulakhalacha Bombalya Maruti

Publisher: Maharashtra Natya Parishad, Pune, 2019

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Author: Vadalkar, S.

DESIGN: Block to Block-buster

Publisher: Notion Press, California, 2019

Book |  Notion

Author: Shankar, A.

Loneliness and Health

Publisher: In D. Dunn (ed), Oxford Bibliographies in Psychology, Oxford University Press, NY, 2019

Chapter |  Oxford

Author: Tripathi R., Mukhopadhyay D., Singh C.K., Miyapuram K.P., Jolad S.

Characterization of Functional Brain Networks and Emotional Centers Using the Complex Networks Techniques

Publisher: In: Cherifi H., Gaito S., Mendes J., Moro E., Rocha L. (eds) Complex Networks and Their Applications VIII. COMPLEX NETWORKS 2019. Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer Nature, 2019

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Author: Thakur, B. and Gupta, V.

Valuing Health Damages due to Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in Bihar, India

Publisher: Economics and Human Biology, 2019

Journal |  ABDC : A | SCOPUS® | Q1

Author: Saha, A., Ahmad, N. H., Eam, L. H., and Yeok, S. G.

Assessing Bank stability in Malaysia in the framework of Distance to Default?

Publisher: Asian?Academy of Management Journal of Accounting & Finance, 2019

Journal |  ABDC C | SCOPUS® | Q4

Author: Manu Nanda, M., Rai, R.S., Uniyal, D.P., and Bagga, T.

Consumer Buying Behaviour in Computer Peripherals Brick & Mortar Stores in India

Publisher: International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 2019

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Author: Haider, S., Adil, M.H., and Mishra, P.P.

Corporate environmental responsibility, motivational factors, and effectiveness: A case of Indian iron and steel industry

Publisher: Journal of Public Affairs, 2019

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Journal | SCOPUS® | Q3

Author: Banerjee, A., Barnhardt, S., and Duflo, E.

Can Iron-Fortified Salt Control Anemia? Evidence from Two Experiments in Rural Bihar.

Publisher: Journal of Development Economics, 2018

Journal |  ABDC : A*

Author: Chaudhry, S., Srivastava, B.N., and Joshi, C.

Vendor Response to Client Opportunism in IT Service Relationships: Exploring the Moderating Effect of Client Involvement?

Publisher: Industrial Marketing Management, 2018

Journal |  ABDC : A* | SCOPUS® | Q1

Author: Trivedi, J.P., and Trivedi, H.

Investigating the Factors That Make a Fashion App Successful: The Moderating Role of Personalization

Publisher: Journal of Internet Commerce, 2018

Journal |  ABDC B | SCOPUS® | Q2

Author: Saif-Alyousfi, A.Y.H., Saha, A., and Md-Rus, R.

The impact of bank competition and concentration on bank risk-taking behavior and stability: Evidence from GCC countries.

Publisher: The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 2018

Journal |  ABDC B | SCOPUS® | Q2

Author: Saif-Alyousfi, A., Saha, A. and Md-Rus, R.

Impact of oil and gas price shocks on the non-performing loans of banks in an oil and gas-rich economy: Evidence from Qatar.?

Publisher: International Journal of Bank Marketing, 2018

Journal |  ABDC B | SCOPUS® | Q2