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Author: Gore, M and Korde, R.

How Does India Fare on Global Climate Change Indices?

Publisher: Economic and Political Weekly, 2020

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Author: Singh, C.K., Filho, D.V., Jolad, S., O’Neale, D.J

Evolution of interdependent co-authorship and citation networks

Publisher: Scientometrics, 2020

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Author: Kapur, S.

Pakistan after Trump: Great Power Responsibility in a Multi-Polar World

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020


Author: Kulkarni, K.

Performing intimacy: slavery and the womans voice in eighteenth-century Marathi lavani

Publisher: South Asian History and Culture, 2021

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Author: Kisana, R. and Shah, N.

No one understands what we go through: self-identification of health risks by women sanitation workers in Pune, India during the COVID-19 pandemic

Publisher: Gender & Development, 2021

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Author: Khurana, I., Ghura, A.S., and Dutta, D.K.

Religion and Humane Entrepreneurship: Insights for Research, Policy, and Practice.

Publisher: Journal of the International Council for Small Business, 2021


Author: Kudtarkar, S.

Noise-induced Extinction in a Bistable System

Publisher: Brazilian Journal of Physics, 2021

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Author: Poddar, G

In the Name of the Nation: India and its Northeast

Publisher: Journal of contemporory asia, 2021

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Author: Riad Shams, S.M., Vrontis, D., Chaudhuri, R., Chavan, G., Czinkota, M.R.

Stakeholder engagement for innovation management and entrepreneurial development: A meta-analysis

Publisher: Journal of Business Research, 2020

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Author: Ahmad, N. H., Saha, A., & Eam, L. H.

Drivers Of Future Savings Of Malaysian Households

Publisher: Journal Of Economics And Sustainability, 2021

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Author: Blaney, A

The flesh of imagination: locating materiality in biology inspired visual art

Publisher: Leonardo - MIT Press, 2021

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Author: Divya Balan

Strengthening the India-EU Migration Corridor: The Way Forward.

Publisher: In Neeta Inamdar, Priya Vijaykumar Poojary and Praveen Shetty (eds.), Contours of India-EU Engagements: Multiplicity of Experiences, Manipal University Press, 2021


Author: Sasi Kiran

Handbook of Ageing, Health and Public Policy

Publisher: Of Cold Baths, Tender Coconuts and Lethal Injections, 2021


Author: Gaurav Tikhe, Tanvi Joshi, Ashwin Lahorkar, Aamod Sane, Jayaraman Valadi

Feature Selection Using Equilibrium Optimizer

Publisher: Springer, Singapore., 2021

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Author: Devi, T., & Agarwal, P.

Decoding Total Factor Productivity - The Indian Story.

Publisher: Journal of Economics & Policy Analysis, 2020


Author: Samanta, T

This thing called love

Publisher: The Gerontologist, 2021

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Author: Damani, B., and Ghura, A.S.

Innovative approaches to entrepreneurship education at FLAME University in India

Publisher: In: Neck, H.M. and Liu, Y. (Eds), Innovation in Global Entrepreneurship Education - Teaching Entrepreneurship in Practice , 2021

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Author: Saikia, S.

Saffronizing the periphery: Explaining the rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party in contemporary Assam

Publisher: Studies in Indian Politics, 2020

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Author: Ghura, A.S. and Kumar, I.

Shradhanjali.com: creating Blue Ocean

Publisher: Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 2020

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Author: Heinrich, F., Shukla, K., et. al.

Synergistic Biophysical Techniques Reveal Structural Mechanisms of Engineered Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides in Lipid Model Membranes

Publisher: Chemistry - A European Journal, 2020

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